Olga Kay gets her hands on a Saygus V SQUARED to test out.  The front camera is 13 MP, and she decides to break it in with her first high-res V Squared selfie.  How does it work?  Take a look!

Saygus V Squared UNBOXING and review.  How does #NEWS describe the V Squared phone?  Is it as cool as a hoverboard?

MATPAC plays Tobuscus Adventures Wizards on the Saygus V Squared phone on an HDTV.  How does it perform?  Could your PHONE be your next big gaming device?

Bruce Greene was given a Saygus V Squared Phone to check out gaming on his HDTV.  How did it work?  Check it out!

The Saygus V Squared might just be your next gaming device.  But, how?  It’s “just” a smartphone.

In the video, we have Adam Kovic play Tobuscus Adventures and review the V Squared phone.  I’m sure most of us have tried casting or airplay to a screen to play games.  How’d that work?  For me, not so well.

How does the V Squared look on the big screen, using our Wireless HD technology?  Is the device responsive enough to actually play a video game?  See for yourself.

Have you ever dropped your phone in water?  Let’s be honest, this has happened to everyone because of this thing called gravity.  But, do you know what to do when it happens?  You better figure it out quickly, because you probably only have a few minutes to rescue your phone. (Brought to you by Saygus)

In this video, Andre the Black Nerd helps you save your wet phone.  Watch this so you know what to do when this happens to you.

Yes, Saygus has released a lot of demo videos regarding the high-end features of the V Squared phone.  But, someone reminded us we haven’t shown it actually make a phone call.

Here you can see the Saygus V Squared receiving a call using Card 1 (the device has 2 SIM card slots).  Then, we move the SIM card to Slot 2 and place a call selecting that carrier.  Everything is seamless, and it certainly is better than carrying 2 separate phones.

This video shows the Saygus V Squared bootup process and a few of the features.  The device is quick to boot from a powered off state, and it’s easy to get started.  The Android OS will look familiar to experienced users, but we have added enhancements such as a built-in wireless HD video transmitter.

The V Squared has dual SIMs, so you can optionally activate a single device on 2 carriers and manage both.  No need to carry 2 cell phones.  And, the advanced hardware allows for an unprecedented gaming experience.

The Saygus V Squared – all the features you’ve ever wanted, and a few you didn’t even know you needed.

The Saygus V Squared is the only smartphone to offer dual SIM card slots standard.  In this video, you can see how it works.  You can add up to 2 SIMs from the same or different carriers, and on the front see the cellular signal strength of both networks.  When receiving calls, the phone tells you which network the call is coming from.  When placing calls, you are able to select which network you wish to call from.

This is great for travelers because not all carriers work in all areas worldwide, or even within your own country.  Or, for people who carry both a work and personal phone – combine them into one.

Saygus is a game-changer.

That’s a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot, but hear me out.  The reason this is true in this instance is that the company, the CEO, and the entire team is passionate about this goal.

Saygus was started by Founder Chad Sayers because he believes despite all the advancements in this industry, we somehow lost sight of an important goal – devices without compromises we can actually afford.  There are so many “budget” devices on the market that sacrifice features and ease of use for the cost.

We do not believe the “standard” in the American Smartphone Industry should be a device that barely works.  We believe in superior functionality so you aren’t thinking about your phone, you simply use it.  Plus, a “wow-factor” such as our Wireless HD beaming technology that just works without having a guru set it up each and every time.

Do more with your device.  Have more fun with your device.  Take better selfies, enjoy your music more, see things more clearly in direct sunlight.  Actually, use your smartphone for what it was intended for instead of complaining about it.