Tech has been the investor playground for the last several decades, and investors have become accustomed to looking to the known brands as a sure-fire investment strategy. With smartphones exploding in popularity, the race to create the best smartphone with the most perks and user functions has been a long-running one, with each major manufacturer attempting to best the others with their annual releases that feature new software, updates, better phones, and user-friendly options.

The problem for investors is that not only are the phones from the major manufacturers limited in stock ability, but shares also are expensive and often consumers are not wowed by their innovations. Major cell phone companies spend a high portion of their revenue into advertising and manufacture and allot only some of it to advancing the technology available.

Saygus, a privately-owned, American based tech company, changed the cellphone world when they initially released the first telephone that offered wireless, broadband connection two-way video calling in 2006.

Since that innovation, Saygus has been working diligently to improve upon all cell phone technology and to produce and manufacture a highly capable smartphone that answers all the desires of the consumer public. Saygus is proud to announce the anticipated launch of the Saygus V2, a cell phone that breaks new technology barriers while improving the entire user experience.

The V2 is the first smartphone that will allow consumers to wirelessly stream video from their phone to their televisions without the necessity of WIFI, at a speed of 60 GHz. In addition to this, the V2 features circuit board waterproofing technology, a large, glare-resistant screen that is easily viewed in direct sunlight, a 13-megapixel front-facing camera as well as a 21 pixel back facing camera, dual speakers, audio enhancement technology, dual SD mounting for unmatched storage and a multi-boot operating system.

Saygus recently received Certification through Verizon, making it the only U.S. based, privately owned IPO stock authorized through the Verizon network and capable of contending with larger, foreign smartphone manufacturers. This makes Saygus less of an investment risk than any other U.S. based smartphone technology manufacturer, as it is capable of being presented to a larger audience.

Saygus predicts that by year three of launch, they will achieve a 26 percent profit margin and a conservative estimate of .1 percent market share the first year, culminating in a .3 percent market share by year three.  With one and a half billion annual smartphone sales annually, a 1 percent share is equal to two billion in annual revenue and a four million annual valuation, even the conservative estimates show the potential for substantial financial gains.

The Saygus V2 model has won numerous awards to include the CES Innovation award, Stars of the Mobile World Congress from Computer World, Best of CES from Gizmag, Coolest Gadget from Mobile World Congress, and is the five-time winner of Best in State for software and hardware in Utah.

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