Tech has been the investor playground for the last several decades, and
investors have become accustomed to looking to recognized providers as a
sure-fire investment strategy. With smartphones exploding in popularity,
the race to create the best smartphone with the most perks and user
functions has been a long-running one. Now each major manufacturer is
attempting to best the other with annual releases that feature new
software, updates, better phones, and user-friendly options.

The problem for investors is that not only are the phones from the major
manufacturers limited in innovative features, but the shares of these
stocks are expensive leaving investors wanting and consumers disappointed
with their offerings. Existing major cell phone companies spend a
significant portion of their revenue on advertising and manufacturing,
allotting smaller amounts of it to advancing the technology itself.

Saygus, a privately-owned, American based tech company, rocked the
cellular world when they developed the first smartphone that offered low
bandwidth and low power consumption cellular two-way video calling
software back in 2006. Saygus was featured as a Verizon innovator in
Verizon booths in 2007 demonstrating their unique two-way cellular video
calling technology on Nokia devices using 2.5G networks to show attendees.
Previous video two-way technologies used 3G band connectivity and depleted
batteries in approximately 30 minutes. The Saygus two-way cellular video
calling solution provided approximately four hours of talk time while
using only 5GB of data.

Since that innovation, Saygus has been working diligently improving their
smartphone technology to produce and manufacture highly capable
smartphones that address the desires of consumers worldwide. Saygus plans
to announce the specs of the new V Squared, a smartphone designed to break
new technology barriers while significantly improving user experience.

The V Squared is the only smartphone that allows consumers to wirelessly
stream video from their phone to televisions without the necessity of
WIFI, at a speed of 60 GHz. In addition to this, the V Squared features a
circuit board waterproofing technology, a large, glare-resistant screen, a
13-megapixel front-facing camera as well as dual back cameras of 24
MP/16MP respectively, dual speakers, audio enhancement technology, dual
SIM/SD card slots for up to 4.5 terabytes of total storage and a
multi-boot operating system.

Saygus originally received certification through Verizon, making it the
only U.S. based, privately owned smartphone company authorized through the
Verizon network that was capable of contending with larger, foreign
smartphone makers. This makes Saygus more enticing of a company with less
risk because of previous network and FCC certifications.

Saygus predicts that by year three of launch, they will achieve a 26
percent profit margin and a conservative estimate of .1 percent market
share the first year, culminating in a .3 percent market share by year
three. In the half trillion dollar smartphone market, with one and a half
billion smartphones sold annually, a 1 percent share could be worth up to
$5 billion in annual revenue. Such an estimate shows the potential for
impressive financial gains.

Saygus’ V Squared has won numerous awards, including the CES Innovation
Award from CEA, Stars of the Mobile World Congress from Computer World,
Best of CES from Gizmag, Coolest Gadget from Mobile World Congress, and is
a Best of State winner in Utah for device software and hardware seven
times, among other national and international awards.

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