Saygus V Squared UNBOXING and review.  How does #NEWS describe the V Squared phone?  Is it as cool as a hoverboard?

MATPAC plays Tobuscus Adventures Wizards on the Saygus V Squared phone on an HDTV.  How does it perform?  Could your PHONE be your next big gaming device?

Bruce Greene was given a Saygus V Squared Phone to check out gaming on his HDTV.  How did it work?  Check it out!

The Saygus V Squared might just be your next gaming device.  But, how?  It’s “just” a smartphone.

In the video, we have Adam Kovic play Tobuscus Adventures and review the V Squared phone.  I’m sure most of us have tried casting or airplay to a screen to play games.  How’d that work?  For me, not so well.

How does the V Squared look on the big screen, using our Wireless HD technology?  Is the device responsive enough to actually play a video game?  See for yourself.

Yes, Saygus has released a lot of demo videos regarding the high-end features of the V Squared phone.  But, someone reminded us we haven’t shown it actually make a phone call.

Here you can see the Saygus V Squared receiving a call using Card 1 (the device has 2 SIM card slots).  Then, we move the SIM card to Slot 2 and place a call selecting that carrier.  Everything is seamless, and it certainly is better than carrying 2 separate phones.

This video shows the Saygus V Squared bootup process and a few of the features.  The device is quick to boot from a powered off state, and it’s easy to get started.  The Android OS will look familiar to experienced users, but we have added enhancements such as a built-in wireless HD video transmitter.

The V Squared has dual SIMs, so you can optionally activate a single device on 2 carriers and manage both.  No need to carry 2 cell phones.  And, the advanced hardware allows for an unprecedented gaming experience.

The Saygus V Squared – all the features you’ve ever wanted, and a few you didn’t even know you needed.