Saygus is a game-changer.

That’s a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot, but hear me out.  The reason this is true in this instance is that the company, the CEO, and the entire team is passionate about this goal.

Saygus was started by Founder Chad Sayers because he believes despite all the advancements in this industry, we somehow lost sight of an important goal – devices without compromises we can actually afford.  There are so many “budget” devices on the market that sacrifice features and ease of use for the cost.

We do not believe the “standard” in the American Smartphone Industry should be a device that barely works.  We believe in superior functionality so you aren’t thinking about your phone, you simply use it.  Plus, a “wow-factor” such as our Wireless HD beaming technology that just works without having a guru set it up each and every time.

Do more with your device.  Have more fun with your device.  Take better selfies, enjoy your music more, see things more clearly in direct sunlight.  Actually, use your smartphone for what it was intended for instead of complaining about it.

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